Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage PNG Images Godey Ladies 1840 Free Clip Art

Lovely Godey Fashion Ladies From
my newest antique book
Last week an 1840 edition
of Godey's came into my
possession...The fashion  plates
in this very early edition
are very simple
compared to what
was to come
in later years.

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  1. how magical and wonderful these colors are in this image LeMay! forgive me for being so tardy in my response to your emails...a friend of mine lost her husband and another her dear kitty. It has been a real dreadful sad time and lots of tears....
    Art helps me stay sane during times like these...I look forward to seeing what you post for us to play with...the violets just charmed me to no end. I wanted to tell you that I have made a special pretty box to safe keep all the wonderful images you have sent me.
    I am also delighted that you have joined the yahoo group for experienced artists...yeah!
    Please know that I treasure our friendship and consider you a SPECIAL part of my art world!
    Love Karla